Institute of Research and Innovation in Biomedical Sciences of the Province of Cadiz INiBICA



INiBICA is a joint institute between the UCA and the Andalusian Health Service that is strongly committed to developing high quality, global, multidisciplinary and integrated lines of biomedical research, with collaboration between researchers and basic and clinical teams, close to the healthcare and clinical reality, aimed at solving problems”. Priorities have been set around three criteria:

1) Those health problems that contemplate and allow a broad vision and approach, from the molecular, genetic and physiopathological bases, to the clinical phases of diagnosis, treatment, community aspects and evaluation of health services.

2) It also includes another criterion for establishing priorities, such as the choice of those groups whose health interest is most relevant, taking into account studies of disease burden.

3) And, finally, and independently of any other criteria, the research to be promoted and financed must ensure its quality and the capacity to achieve valid results.

The Institute was created with the aim of constituting a specialized offer of scientific-technological services, offering solutions to the needs of society in the field of its activity, with the aim of extending the service offered to the national and international community, directly from the Institute itself and that allows, from the development of its activity, to modify the productive model of the province of Cadiz, by the creation of companies related to Biomedicine or by the attraction of companies already existing in other territories. Both the transfer potential of the Institute and its formative potential are developed in depth in this report.

Lines of Research

INiBICA has identified and will develop three outstanding and central research areas, through which the main research activity of the institute will be developed in its initial stages. These will be constituted as Outstanding Programs and are as follows:

  • Neurosciences and Behavior.
  • Inflammation.
  • Oncology/Hematology.

The activity in these programmes will be complemented by four Transversal Research Programmes, which will form part of the lines of future development of the Institute in the medium term. These lines are as follows:

  • Epidemiology and Public Health.
  • Innovative Procedures and Therapies – Emerging.
  • Rare Diseases.

Taking into account the identification of Cadiz with the sea and the existence in our province of the Campus of Excellence of the Sea (CEIMAR), INiBICA will develop a multidisciplinary cross-disciplinary program of science-business transfer oriented to health based on marine resources.


For the development of its activity, INiBICA starts from the existence of the Hospital and Primary Care Care Devices located in the Province of Cadiz, together with a research infrastructure located in the Puerta del Mar University Hospital and in the Central Health Sciences Research Services and those of the Central Science and Technology Services. Specific instrumentation is also available in some research groups. Below are the services that are currently available for Biomedical research at the University of Cadiz:

  • Genomics and Proteomics Service.
  • Cell Biology and Cytometry Division.
  • Genotyping Service, Preparation of Biological Samples for Electron Microscopy.
  • Microscopy Division, Confocal Microscopy, Multiphoton Fluorescence Microscopy, Laser Microdisector Microscopy, Fluorescence Microscopy.
  • Micromanipulation Microscopy.
  • Image Analysis.
  • Clinical trials unit of the Hospital Universitario Puerta del Mar equipped with beds and chairs for treatment administration, a laboratory for processing and storing samples, medical consultations to attend to trial participants and to attend to trial monitors and/or auditors, and facilities for the archiving and custody of trial-related documents.

Documents of Interest

Agreement for the creation of INiBICA:  CONVENIO INIBICA Firmado

INiBICA’s operating regulations:  Reglamento Funcionamiento Interno INiBICA



Hospital Universitario Puerta del Mar, novena planta, unidad de investigación Avda. Ana de Viya, 21 11009 Cádiz